Mike Brass

Owner/ Boss Man/ Builder/ Talent

Dani Brass

DOP/ Designer/ PR/ Apprentice 


Behind the scenes 

Our Story

Hi there,

My name is Dani Brass. Mike Brass is my father, a very respected and hardworking man. Together we formed BrassCrafted. Before you assume that I’m taking half of the credit, I’ll stop you right there. I was only born with a fraction of my dad’s talent. All my life I’ve been surrounded by BrassCrafted objects. This wasn’t my fathers job or career, it was simply a passion of his. It’s been like this ever since I can remember. Beyond the memories I also have the stories of him along side his brother and his own father who he admired dearly. They built the house in Nebraska where they grew up. He carried this "build it yourself" mentality throughout his life and our tables, desks, and other needed objects were all made by him through out the years. He also designed the blue print for a home we partially grew up in down in Georgia. Brass Crafted started decades ago, it's just now getting a name.

I decided to use some of the degrees I've earn over the years, (that now are mounted on my wall in a beautifully crafted wood slab) created our logo and started designing. My interest grew and even though I don’t naturally have the talent my father possesses, I continue to admire him in his craft and enjoy the time we get together to bond. Woodworking and building is a part of his life and I want it to be a part of mine too. I am learning from a very humble and wise man who I undoubtedly respect and look up to. We are going to continue to make, build and design things for people to enjoy. We are pretty cool people apart, but together we are pretty bad ass. He learned a lot from his father in this realm of building and I can not wait to do the same. We have formed BrassCrafted and what is better than an unstoppable father/daughter duo.  

We hope you enjoy BrassCrafted products and hope to keep on impressing the masses. 

fun facts:

More on us

Favorite Color

Mike: Purple
Dani: Yellow

Favorite Food

Mike: Chicken Fried Steak

Dani: Anything with Cheese

Other Hobbies

Mike: Grill Master, Fishing, gardening

Dani: Writing, Photography, Karaoke

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